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About me

My name is Nhu H. Trinh, a software engineer with more than 8 years of experience in developing and deploying mid to large scale web application. As well as building, I also enjoy breaking things. I am always hungry for more knowledge, curious how stuffs works and try to improve them.

I've tried both developer path and manager path, then I realized that my desire was to build things and extend my knowledge. So I decided to leave my lovely country, go to the US to study and create the future. Want me to join?

(To be continued...)

My skills:

  • Programming language: Python, Javascript, Scala, Go, Java, PHP, Visual Basic
  • Front-end: HTML5, Javascript (ES5/6), CSS3, jQuery, React, AngularJS, Ajax, Web Worker, Responsive (Bootstrap), Socket.IO, webRTC ...
  • Back-end: Python (Django, AIOhttp), NodeJS (Express), Java (Spring MVC), PHP (Zend, Symfony, WordPress), AsyncIO
  • Deep learning: Keras, Tensorflow, ConvNet
  • Database: Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB
  • Tools: Atom, Notepad++, Dropbox, Webpack, babel, Jenkin, Jira, WinSCP, Putty, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project
  • Source control: GIT, SVN
  • Test framework: Qunit, Junit
  • OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
  • Photo editor: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Auto Pano
  • Video editor: Adobe After Effect, Cinema4D, ffmpeg

My hobbies: programming, music, watching and making movies, traveling, photography, help people.

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My works


  • Now
    Available for full-time W2 employment. Contact me if you're interested.
  • 04-2020

    Weather observatory

    Apply what I've learn from Functional Programming in Scala Specialization into a final project: Visualize weather data from 1976 to 2015

    • Yearly average temperature from 1976 to 2015
    • Deviations from 1990 to 2015 compare to previous year
    • Render map tiles
    • Optimize using RTree

    Technology: Scala, Spark, Javascript, Parallel Programming

    Repo: Private due to Coursera Honor Code

    Demo & article: Observatory

  • 03-2020

    Realtime webcam background replacement

    Mimic Zoom virtual background feature: using tensorflowJS (bodyPix) models to mask person and replace background

    • Static background
    • Dynamic (Video background)

    Technology: Javascript, TensorflowJS, React

    Repo: Git hub

    Demo: here

    Article: Linkedin

  • 07-2018

    Self driving (toy) car

    Create a self driving RC raspberry car with Keras, Tensorflow

    • Non blocking nodes
    • Self steering, throttle
    • Lane keeping
    • ...

    Technology: Python, Keras, Tensorflow, React, OpenCV, Web socket, Mutltiprocessing, AsyncIO

    Repo: Git hub

  • 2017-2018

    Video Editor

    Proof of concept: in browser video editor with ported ffmpeg using emscripten to archive near native processing. OpenCV for frame by frame analyze

    • Cut / Merge Video
    • Apply simple effect
    • Export to multiple format, transcoder
    • Extract GIF
    • Analyze video to select interesting part (OpenCV)
    • ...

    Technology: Python, React, OpenCV, Emscripten, FFMPEG, Web Worker (XHR)

  • 11/2015-Recent

    Leaf Group. Ltd

    Position: Sr. Software Engineer @Leaf Group

    Building collaborate content creation and delivery system support multiple sites and workflows such as ehow.com, cuteness.com, hunker.com, ...

    Technology: Python, React, Django, Web Worker (XHR), Task Worker, Redis, Postgres, Mongo, ElasticSearch, Webpack, Redux, AWS, S3, OpenCV, Babel, D3, Sass, Web Socket

  • 05/2014

    E-Document management

    Position: IT specialist @Vietnamairlines

    The Operation Control Center (OCC) has a volume of flight documents that need to be managed and distributed to all crew members' devices before flights. This project I personally get requirement and build on top of Django (admin).

    • Drag-drop files upload
    • Detect duplicated file after upload and move to correct folder
    • File version & history control
    • Display folder tree structure
    • File and folder permission
    • User & user role management
    • Open Login with Web DAV, Microsoft exchange
    • Document approval work-flow
    • Selective sync with crew member's iPad across multiple servers
    • Schedule publishing (sync)
    • Manage files with tags (attributes)
    • Single sign-on with MS Exchange

    Technology: Python, Django (extend admin app), jQuery, Web DAV, IOS, Django suit (admin theme)

    Demo: Launch
    Username demo
    Password demo

  • 2014

    Live in Levis

    Position: Team Lead @Red Spirit Group

    Live in Levi's is built based on Levis' ideas to promote their product. I'm building a web-game (puzzle) and photo gallery for customer picture.

    • Puzzle game
    • Photo contest
    • Facebook integration
    • Embedded watermark

    Technology: Python, Django, Memcached, jQuery, Bootstrap

  • 2012-2013

    Cambodia Angkor Air

    Position: Team Lead @Red Spirit Group

    This project provides a full solution included CMS, Tour booking engine, SEO for Cambodia Angkor Air. Responsive design to bring a unique experience to users.

    • Design system infrastructure, load balancing
    • Django-CMS provide drag-drop, in-place front-end editor
    • Multilingual support
    • Connect with Sabre and Hotel web-services to make tour packages
    • Integrate online payment gateway (MIG)
    • Optimize, compress static for better speed

    Technology: Python, Django (Django-CMS, Django-Oscar), Memcached, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sabre web-services

  • 2012-2014


    Position: Team Lead @Red Spirit Group

    Sony is one of our biggest customers. I have built micro-sites and promoted their product. Integrating with Facebook, engaging customer, provide fun, competitive online game for Sony fan.

    • My Sony CRM site allows customers to register their products, receive news from Sony, and more...
    • Annual biggest events Sony Show, which is portal to bring news to Sony fan.
    • Music app and music games for Sony Walkman campaign.
    • Photo contest
    • Spot the different
    • Sony hunt (a small version of mystery hunting but online)
    • Sony wish-list, share list with friend
    • Product promotion site

    Technology: Python (Django), ASP.net MVC3, jQuery, AngularJS, React, Ajax, Bootstrap, Memcached, Real-time

  • 2008-2013

    Mystery Hunting

    Position: Team Lead @Red Spirit Group

    Mystery Hunting is non-profit, innovative team building games where players join their team to follow mysterious clues, solve challenges and fulfill one common goal: to win the final treasure!!! My role is:

    • Brainstorm the main theme for each season
    • Create online, location-based game on website.
    • Create quest items, treasure (using mechanic or embedded circuit board)
    • Create enrollment platform for player registration, team forming, connected through Facebook.
    • Make promoting video clip for marketing team

    Technology: Python, Django, jQuery, Embedded C, Movie

  • 2012


    Position: Team Lead @Red Spirit Group

    Toryx is a start-up project that allow travel lover to plant their trip, travel and then tell their excellent story with friends. Toryx -> Tourist story

    • Build web back-end with in-house PHP framework

    Technology: PHP, jQuery, Ajax

  • 2011


    Position: Web developer @Skunkworks

    Skunkworks is a start-up company based in Ho Chi Minh City and San Francisco, building social product that allow user create events and invite friends to join. My roles:

    • Integrate HTML, CSS, JS
    • Build web back-end with Django
    • Connect to central API

    Technology: Python, jQuery, Ajax

    Bridal Cookies
  • 2008

    Bridal Cookie

    Position: Web developer @Bridal Cookie

    Bridal Cookie sale customized cookies for the host of weddings, meetings, conference to give to their guests as a thanks. This website is an e-commerce site build on top of WordPress.

    • Make HTML, CSS, JS animation based on design
    • Integrate cart system for WordPress
    • Integrate customer support via live chat
    • Build internal tool for customer relationship management.

    Technology: PHP, jQuery, Ajax

My Experiment


Breakout Games

Get bored when hitting a 404 page? Play a game instead! You can use device oriented to control on mobile

Javascript, HTML5 canvas


Internet radio

Internet Radio player source from Icecast and Shoutcast, auto finding album cover and lyrics, save your favorite station. Radio source http://dir.xiph.org/yp.xmlLaunch

AngularJS, jPlayer, Local Storage


Please drop me a message if you are interesting.